Hello my name is Gordon Keith Wilson and I've been taking photographs and videos around the Portland, OR metro area since the late 90's.  I started out shooting friends bands for promotional shots for the internet and CD covers, from there I moved to mainly shooting dance performances.  Dance photography is similar to music photography i.e. low light, dramatic gestures, etc. and my friend Charles, who was couch surfing at the time was the lighting designer for a dance group Les Petits Rats who needed a photographer.  From dance I ventured into other kinds of performance art photography like; poetry, theater, fashion, etc..  I've mainly worked with Reed College and PSU's dance departments and the Portland Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA), plus a few other local dance troupes like; Conduit Dance, Ten Tiny Dances, Minh Tran Dance, and others.  With the advent of affordable video cameras I found a demand for archival video from the same clients and so have been working with both photography and videography for the past few years and I'm psyched to start shooting in the upcoming 4k and 8K video formats.  

  I mainly shoot (my specialty is) performance art, but I actually like to shoot (video/photo) just about everything/anything; from portraits to weddings to architecture to cars to cats, to underwater marine life.  I'm always looking for new opportunities, so if you are looking for a reliable photographer/videographer please contact me.


-Gordon K. Wilson